207: Needle Arts

Through Needle Arts, exhibitors engage you with their inspired use of thread, beads, and other material to create unique expressions of Waves!

There are 3 classes in the Needle Arts Division:

Class 1: Glass-Bottom Boat

Class 2: Shore Birds Garden Party

Class 3: Along The Reef

Needle Arts, Class 1 - GLASS BOTTOM BOAT

Needle Arts, Class 1 - Glass Bottom Boat

In this Needle Arts class – Glass-Bottom Boats, artists create the illusion of a view through a glass-bottom boat.  Each exhibitor uses her own fibers on a 4” x 6” canvas made of 18-count mesh.  To create their exhibits, many artists use Stumpwork, a three-dimensional stitching technique for raised embroidery that originated in 17th century England, and is currently experiencing a modern renaissance with classes now offered online and in studios across the US, including at least three in Houston.  Additionally exhibitors also hand-paint and embellish their shadow-box “boats” to best enhance their stitched canvas.

Needle Arts, Class 2 - SHORE BIRD GARDEN PARTY
Vicki Sawyer, Sheila, 2016.
Vicki Sawyer, Orpheus, 2017.
Vicki Sawyer, Kelpie, 2016.
Vicki Sawyer, Piping Plover, 2016.
Vicki Sawyer, Sultan of the Sea, 2016.
Vicki Sawyer, Lila, 2016.

Needle Arts, Class 2 - Shore Birds Garden Party

In the Garden Party class, needle artists use their own fibers and embellishments to stitch canvases featuring birds wearing stylish shell “hats”.  Each round canvas is finished as an ornament measuring 4” in diameter.  And every exhibitor started with 18-count mesh, hand-painted by Vicki Sawyer canvas.

Needle Arts, Class 3 - ALONG THE REEF
John Johannsen, Eufloria, 2016.
John Johannsen, Fishy Floral, 2016.
John Johannsen, Lemmon Fish, 2016.
John Johannsen, Stoned Fish, 2016.
John Johannsen, Flying Fish, 2016.

Needle Arts, Class 3 - Along The Reef

Needle works included in Along the Reef, start with festive 9” x 6” canvases woven to 13 count mesh and feature fish hand-painted by John Johannsen—known for his bright imaginative brushwork.  Mr. Johannsen started painting in the 1950’s working in France, northern California, and other parts of the American west.  The original canvases in the exhibition are particularly significant as they are some of the few pieces from Mr. Johannsen remaining after his studio suffered a fire in 2015, destroying mush of his collection.  The artist is remembered for his use of color that one critic shared, folds you in and makes you feel that a part of it.  Each exhibitor in Along the Reef starts with one of Mr. Johannsen’s canvases then uses the needle artist’s own fibers and embellishments.