106: Photography

In this gallery, photographers share their talent in twelve classes.  Each exhibit is judged on creativity, composition, technical skill, distinction, and conformance with the theme as well as the artist’s interpretation of the theme.  

There are six Classes in this Division - scroll down to explore each class.

Class 1, Water's Edge

In Class 1, Water’s Edge, entries 1-6 share landscapes that are inspired by watercolor paintings that have incorporated water. 

Statement of Intent: The moon and it's reflection draws us to to the water's edge for an introspective moment in this painterly landscape with an ocean sunset.

Class 2, Let It Flow

Entries 7-12 are a part of Class 2 and incorporate the theme Let It Flow.  These photographs feature fountains using creative techniques.  And each exhibit is accompanied by small photograph of the original image.  

Statement of Intent: My intention was to manipulate the photo to emphasize the essence of water.

Class 3, Deep Eddies and Ripples in the Sand

Entries 13-18 are a part of Class 3—the Deep Eddies and Ripples in the Sand group portraying monochromatic close-ups of patterns in nature.  Monochrome is a photographic technique in which an image is executed in varying tones of only one color.   
Statement of Intent: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden whirlpool.
Class 4, Reflections
Class 4, Reflections, covers entries 19-24 which feature unusual and dramatic reflections.  
Statement of Intent: Visiting the Pink Palace.

Class 5, She Sells Seashells

Entries 25-30, in Class 5—She Sells Seashells, comprise still-life composition featuring found beach treasurers!  

Statement of Intent: An arrangement of shells found on Chincoteague Island, VA.

Class 6, On the Docks

Entries 31-36 make up Class 6—On the Docks.  These photographs incorporate views on or around docks. 

Statement of Intent: On the Dock, Off the Clock. (Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge at Quitting Time.)

Class 7, On the Rocks

Class 7 hosts entries 37-42 under the theme On the Rocks, and feature black and white images of rocks, pebbles, and/or fossils in the Abstract Expressionism manner.  Abstract Expressionism relates to spontaneous creative emotional expression.  

Statement of Intent: Eyes on the rocks.

Class 8, Before the Wind

And in Class 8 photographers interpret Before the Wind in their seascape images incorporating sailboats. 

Statement of Intent: Wind, Water, and Adventure.

Class 9, At the Aquarium

Class 9 photographers are At the Aquarium with exhibits 49-54 featuring close-ups of underwater life.  

Statement of Intent: Jelly in Baltimore.

Class 10, Here Comes the Sun

In class 10, entries 55-60  develop the theme Here Comes the Sun using umbrellas in creative expressions.  These entries are accompanied by a small photo of the original image.  

Statement of Intent: Waiting for the Sun.

Class 11, Above the Waves

Entries 61-66, are a part of Class 11, Above the Waves.  These photographs imcorporate wildlife along the shore.   

Statement of Intent: This dancing flightless Comorant emerged from the Galapagos waters onto lava rocks. He began a happy dance shaking himself off, while I was his audience.

Class 12, Cross Current

Class 12 is the final group populated with entries 67-72 using the theme Cross Current.  This Invitational Multimedia Class uses creative techniques before and after printing.    And entrants display a small picture of what the image looked like before manipulation.