104: Floral Design, Class 1

Floral Design, Class 1-Rip Tide
Floral Design, Class 1-Rip Tide
This Floral Design Rip Tide class in the Beck Gallery 104 next to the Foyer, has six entries each focusing on horizontal design, which means the composition is arranged on an axis parallel to the horizon.  These exhibits emphasize waves and movement, and are to be viewed from three sides.  The designs may extend up to 18 inches from the center on each side but can be no taller in overall height than 8 feet from the floor.
Statement of Intent: The riptide pulls you in and rips you out.
Statement of Intent: Riptide: A treacherous force nature. Dark moving water between parallel lines of frothy foam!
Statement of Intent: Dreaming of the sea's blue waves kissing driftwood and sand. Suddenly a nightmare of emotions emerge from a destructive rip tide of fear and doubt.
Statement of Intent: Warning! Strong Current! Swim at Your Own Risk!